Since 2000, The team of Agya Yoga Studio in which yoga and meditation trainer has been developing and creating a unique and efficient trainee experience just for you. Agya Yoga Studio offers a customized range of yoga sessions in order to provide you satisfaction by keeping in mind every individual’s personal type. With our team of Agya Yoga Studio, it is easily accessible, affordable classes which will solidify your commitment to a consistent practice sessions as we are here to offer you- Trainer Interaction, LIVE.


Agya Yoga Studio offers live online interactive yoga classes to all the explorer & learners anywhere in the world, as per their convenient time. Our online yoga sessions are way different and unique from others. Everything will be live along with personal conversation. Agya Yoga Studio offers customized yoga practice sessions which suits individuals needs whether it is for wellness, preventive or therapeutic value. With Agya Yoga Studio Community, You can stream and can download yoga online classes anywhere anytime on your favorite device. You can also explore and enjoy our classes and tutorials offline at your convenience.  You can also enjoy video tips for some fine-tuning your postures. You can personally connect with our team and can even send email anywhere anytime. We will keep notifying you with email when an inspiring new class or fun challenge is available. We assure you that our easily accessible, affordable classes will solidify your commitment to a consistent practice sessions.


Firstly, in order to understand the term Meditation in simple words we can define as, Meditation is a kind part of yoga, which used to deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Usually here an individual focuses on the thoughts and breath process. Being focused and aware of breathing process automatically controls the thoughts process and thus used to relax mind completely.


  • Stress Reduction.

  • Controls Anxiety.

  • Increases Focus.

  • Reduced Depression.

  • Increased Memory.

In Online meditation, the entire process is conducted or organized remotely by using a digital platform such as Zoom or Skype. As we all are familiar that each mediation is unique in its own way and it is very important to consider the process which will work best for you and your team, taking into account technical capabilities, available time, attention spans and a proper environment for executing online meditation.

With the team of Agya Yoga Studio, we are to provide you live online meditation classes just with comfort of your home. No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga student, we have customized online yoga classes only for you. So, release all your stress and tensions with the team of Agya Yoga Studio by practicing online meditation anytime anywhere and as per your convenience. 


Chakra is a Sanskrit word or term, which means “wheel” or “circle”. Chakra can be defined as energy, point or center which used to corresponds to different nerves, organs, and feelings that usually affect a different part of the body. Generally there are 114 chakras in the body, but out of 114, 7 major chakras run along your spine from the root to the crown. 
For complete emotional wellness and physical health,  and prosperity, such energy centers should remain open and alignment with ones highest self and where one wishes to grow.




  • The Root Chakra.

  • The Sacral Chakra.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • The Heat Chakra.

  • The Throat Chakra.

  • The Third Eye Chakra.

  • The Crown Chakra.

In the online course with Agya Yoga Studio, you will get a chance to learn practical, immediate, and easy to execute and implement to unblock, balance, and heal your 7 major chakras. Along with this you will be to gain a basic understanding of the 7 major chakras, where they originated, and why they are so important.


You will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of well functioning and malfunctioning chakras, as well as their emotional aspects. You will also learn the potential health issues associated with each of the 7 major chakras if they are not functioning properly.

Along with we will also teach you specific healing, balancing, and strengthening techniques for each chakra. Last but not the least, we will also provide you a Kundalini posture that will balance and open up the whole chakra system.
So, Come and join us. We are here with the solution of your every need. Our all packages are affordable and customized just for you.


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