What is yoga?

According to the yogic texts, Yoga is a lifestyle that will help us realize our full spiritual potential.

I am a beginner in yoga, but I would still like to do a Yoga Teacher Training Course, can I?

Will there be enough teaching opportunities during the courses?

Yes, the courses are structured in a way that there are ample opportunities for student teaching practice throughout. Student teaching is a mandatory part of the course requirements.

Is the food suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

We believe plant-based diets benefit the environment, the animals and also our own health and we encourage our students to share this way of eating while you are staying with us. In line with the yogic principle of Ahimsa, we do not allow meat / fish / seafood / eggs to be cooked or consumed in the restaurant. Our kitchen serves exceptional vegetarian meals with some vegan friendly and gluten free options as well. Should you wish to eat differently there are many local restaurants nearby, however we do strongly recommend eating a plant-based diet in India to avoid any stomach issues during your course.

Some beginners may have a considerable amount of yoga knowledge and follow a yogic lifestyle but may not be so advanced in asana practice. Other beginners may have great physical ability for the asana practice but may not have an understanding or knowledge of yoga as a whole. In either case, if you show great dedication and devotion to learning yoga, the training may be suitable. Please contact us if you consider yourself a beginner to evaluate if it would be appropriate for you to participate in the course. It is important that you practice regularly, have good physical stamina and are physically fit.